How to carry out a successful FTL export to the United States?


How to carry out a successful FTL export to the United States? It is a question that many companies ask when the time comes; Regardless of the sector in which they develop or the products they manufacture and market; the necessary measures to carry out a successful export must be applied appropriately, this to guarantee the crossing between borders. Therefore, this time we make a brief review of some important points to consider for a successful land export.


1.Analysis of needs and variables for a successful export to the United States:

Before any type of operation, be it national or international, maritime, land or air, it’s always  important to analyze all the aspects related to the company, the product to be mobilized, the times and the needs that are in particular. There’s a big difference between  frozen or short-lived foods to transport processed products with their correct packaging; Exporting electronic devices is not the same as exporting bottles of alcohol; Therefore, it’s always crucial to understand what’s  the product, how far will it travel, it’s volume, it’s weight, packaging and many other details. Naturally knowing all these aspects and planning properly will allow you to react in time to any situation allowing a correct flow of your merchandise.


2.Selection of the appropriate means of transport, routes and schedules:

For a successful FTL export to the U S, it’s convenient to consider this aspect. It might seem simple at first, but it is not, since the selection of the vehicle, routes, schedules, designated drivers, etc. is made depending on the product. . In some land export operations, vehicles can be guarded to provide more security for the cargo and the driver(s); this to avoid some routes that due to their bad reputation may put the operation at risk; it also helps to move around those areas under repair, minimizing the possibility of a delay. By making a correct mobilization strategy taking into account routes, schedules, units and drivers, the chances of everything flowing in the best way are increased.


3.Preparation of the necessary documentation for border crossing

Although the order and structure of some processes may have variants, on their own the preparation of documents is different; So this aspect  requires precision, order and structure; This is because any permit, invoice, certificate of origin or document must be ready in case of a control review. Having orderly and previously prepared documentation will greatly facilitate the transfer and may avoid delays, fines or returns.


4.Transfer tracking

Being aware of the load at all times is crucial for the transfer, since this allows you to react to any situation as well as facilitating communication. Using satellite tracking systems allows you to know the location in real time, this will help to confirm that the previously selected routes are taken, the transfer schedules respected and the integrity of the whole cargo. For this reason, carrying out continuous monitoring from the departure of the cargo until its arrival allows us to achieve the success of a land export to the United States.


In addition to these fundamental aspects, there are many other variables that allow you to execute a successful export, knowing them will give you greater control, so if you and your company want to carry out an operation of this type and do not have the necessary specialization, we would be happy guide you in a free consultation by clicking on the following button



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