Ocean Cargo (FCL, LCL)

With a huge knowlead of the sea freight and a consistent presence in more than 70 countries we´re able to control, monitor and deliver your entire cargo. Fast transit times and a full door to door supply chain management are some of our specialties when we talk about sea freight solutions.

empresa de logística internacional
servicios de logística internacional

Terrestrial cargo (LTL, FTL)

We know that every logistic project is entirely different, because of this we offer the truck shipping service as part of our wide range of logistic solutions, this services enables you to have full national and international coverage.

Air Cargo

When it comes to fast, reliable and highly important shipment, we primarily think about air cargo, if your needs face this kind of service you can rely on us knowing that our financial and professional competence in providing air freight services always meet the highest standards. If you’re not plenty sure about wich route should you take, our specialized international and national agents will give you full advice on routes, transit times, quotes and special requirements.
Fast and efficient distribution of your cargo, from the port of departure to your door.

servicios de logística internacional
Inspeccion en origen

Customs brokerage pre-inspection (CHINA)

In every international logistic movement there’s always some sort of risk at the buying moment such as: Missing parts, bad quality, damaged goods, inappropriate wrap and many more, to avoid this kind of troubles we offer our Customs Brokerage pre-inspection service (CHINA) which will help to:
1. Reduce costs associated to storage, additional inspections and custom fines.
2. Save time by inspecting the cargo before it leaves the origin country and moving faster when gets to customs office.
3. Ensure the quality and integrity of your goods, it’s wrapping and quantity.
4. have a very customized and informative report about the whole cargo, and many other helpful things.
If you want to be sure about the shipment before even leaves the origin dock, this service will save you money and time.

Intermodal Service

As you and your company grow and change, the capability and the reach should do the same, if your looking up to have total control on the selection of the carriers in every phase of the shipment, we provide the intermodal way wich is the best option to have equipment or space topics fully covered and at the same time enables us to create full connectivity with a very efficent door to door delivery system. With our expertise in this area we’ll definetely be your best allies.

Servicios de logística internacional
negocios de logística internacional

Cross Trade

If your location is not the same to the origin and destination for a cargo and yet still need an international effective logistic, our cross trade service will allow you to be at the front at any time just as if it were a local operation, we have a specialized department in this kind of logistics wich will provide you security and control in every operation.

International cargo insurance

We perfectly know that our customers rather to be in a tranquility state of mind when it comes to any kind of logistics, that’s why we’ve developed a special insurance service which is focused in total coverage of your cargo, no matter if it’s moved only a few blocks away or, if it goes around the globe by air, land or sea, with our insurance service all your goods will be protected.

Servicios de logística internacional

Insurance Coverage

1. Door to Door
Full insurance of all goods since the origin until the end point, including intermediate transit.


2. Load and Unload
Protection to any kind damage during cargo movements.


3. Without deductible
It compensates 100% of the wrecked covered amount.

4. Strong Breakdown
Sacrifices or extraordinary expenses incurred for the safety of the ship with the objective of preserving the goods committed during the voyage.


5. 60 days in intermediate deposits
Temporary storage between origin and destiny


6. Without Franchises
It Covers damages and missing parts such as complete loses

Exportations and importations from any origin to any destiny through air, sea or land General goods, fragile, dangerous, perishable, personal effects, machinery, containers and project cargo.

Mercancías peligrosas

Dangerous cargo

If your priority is to transport a very dangerous cargo, we always coordinate efforts within the proper regulations to meet the quality requirements in the industry; we can ensure that all the security protocols, standards, audits, and proccedures will be executed to keep the safety of everyone. Year after year we’ve been improving ourselves when we control, monitor and operate the logistic of this kind of goods.

Armed and unarmed custody

The security of your cargo and personnel is a crucial fact that we handle professionaly, with our armed and unarmed custody you can be sure of the integrity of the high value assets of your shipment. When the cargo is transported to or from an area with a high crime rate we use vehicles, technology and the proper personnel to protect any kind of national or international logistic operation.

servicios de logística internacional
servicios de logística internacional

Buyers consolidation

If your company ever needs to consolidate different goods from various shippers into une full-container we provide the very useful service of buyer consolidation wich allows us to make the proper customs clearance, inspection, documentation, and booking to have a better transport time better costs, visibility and effectiveness with your cargo.

Oversized Cargo /Break bulk

Just as its name says, the oversized cargo is the one that can’t be transported in 20 foot, 40 foot or high cube containers, this different kind of cargo has special requirements such as the flat-rack or an open top container. When you face something like this our fully integrated service of oversized and break bulk, will execute the right documentation, stock service, load and tied up of your goods and even the right custom clearence so you can get it as soon as posible.

Empresa de logística internacional
servicios de logística internacional

Customs clearence at origin and destination

In order to turn to accelerated, organized and easier logistic operations, we’are able to perform custom clearence at origin and destination, no matter if it’s neccesary to process a specific kind of documentation, our specialized agents will provide full assesment and total control of your cargo.

Import and export of any kind of goods

If your company is looking to import or export a certain type of goods, we can ensure that anything that you want to transport will arrive safely at it’s destination, from clothes and electronic devices to machinery and equipment, all types of goods can be proccessed by some of our representatives which guarantees that your cargo will get on time at the right place.

servicios de logística internacional
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Our global presence

Servicios de logística internacional

  • EUROPE: Bosnia, Slovenia, Austria, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Holland, France, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, Greece, Lithuania, Hungary, Croatia, England, Czech Republic.
  • ASIA: Pakistan, Turkey, Ireland, Israel, United Arab Emirates.
  • OCEANIA: Australia, New Zealand.
  • ÁFRICA: South Africa.
  • AMÉRICA: Guatemala, Canada, Uruguay, Colombia, Panama, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, United States, Bolivia, Paraguay, Belize, Costa Rica, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Honduras.

Some shipping companies that we work with

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We are a 100% mexican freight forwarder specialized in provide integral logistic solutions at national and international level.

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