Because we’re worried about the customer experience, the access to the information and the value of every cargo, we’re very proud to present our webtracking platform wich has been specially developed to innovate and provide real-time data on the status of your cargo, so you can trace every move of every logistic operation, no matter if its national or international.

Our Benefits

1. Real time tracking and access to the information

2. 24/7 monitoring

3. Total control during each logistic phase

4. Download shipment files

5. Creates cargo reports



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We are a 100% mexican freight forwarder specialized in provide integral logistic solutions at national and international level.

Our Headquarters

  • APR Cargo Group Headoffice
    25 Sur 3302 Primer Piso, Colonia Benito Juárez, Puebla, México.
  • APR Cargo Guadalajara
    Av. Hidalgo 1443, Colonia Americana Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

Our Headquarters

  • APR Cargo Group CDMX
    Bosque de los Ciruelos 168, Bosques de las Lomas, C.P. 11700, Ciudad de México.
  • APR Cargo Mérida
    Torre Vértice Piso 7, Módulo 714, Mérida, Yucatán.

Our Headquarters

  • APR Cargo Monterrey
    Torre Avalanz, Batallón de San Patricio 109 Sur, San Pedro Garza García. N.L.