International cargo insurance: What advantages does it offer?

Due to the fact that in certain international logistic projects high-value and large-volume shipments are constantly moved, it is very important to consider a special cargo insurance that increases the chances of a safe arrival; Currently there are different types of policies that offer various levels of logistics protection, some of them depends on the route, the merchandise, means of transport, etc. And although in many cases it is possible to generalize a situation, it is always necessary to carry out a detailed study of all the variables of the logistics operation, in order to define the aspects that a policy in question will cover.

In this article we will analyze some of the main advantages and important aspects to consider of cargo insurance so that in a future project they can cover their goods in the most optimal way possible.

These days we have many alternatives to increase security in both international and national logistics, no matter if it’s through air, sea or land, cargo protection issues vary almost as much as the types of goods. The main types of policies consider protection against damage or theft, some other important aspects or advantages of having an international or national cargo insurance policy are:

1. Door to door protection 

This benefit protects all types of merchandise because it protects from the deposit at origin to its final destination, also considering all the expenses that may derive from intermediate transits and loading maneuvers in transshipments; trutly an important advantage when, for example, a load must be taken across a border and instead of doing it by sea it is necessary to do it by road.

2. Safe loading and unloading operations

During the phase of loading and unloading of goods, it is likely that an accident may occur, a fall can significantly damage both the structure of a container and the goods inside, Therefore, all the damages produced during these maneuvers due to mechanical or human failure are protected.

3. No deductibles

There are certain policies that protect up to 100% of the covered loss amount; This means that if for any reason the cargo suffers any significant damage, the company that contracts this type of benefits should not pay any type of deductible corresponding to the value of its cargo; This is especially helpful for manufacturers who are often affected.

4. General Average Safety

If a major accident occurs that puts the integrity of the merchandise at risk, certain types of international cargo insurance can cover those extraordinary expenses to preserve the damaged goods in a crossing.

5. Without franchises

All the damages or losses that may occur along the trip are also covered by some insurance policies, since not only accidents can compromise the integrity of a load, but also theft, therefore protection Without franchises is a great help in these types of situations.

Now it is possible to insure an import or an export of any type of cargo, regardless of whether it is fragile, dangerous, bulk, machinery or oversized merchandise, some international or national logistics providers can help maintain safer your cargo, if you or your company want to know more about the different types of insurance, we invite you to contact our APR CARGO specialists for a prompt and tailored solution.

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